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AYSO is based on six philosophies.  Player Development, Open Registration, Balanced Teams,  Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching & Good Sportsmanship!

Positive Coaching:
Encouragement of player effort provides for greater enjoyment for the players and leads to better-skilled and better motivated players.

A coach can be one of the most influential people in a child's life, so AYSO requires that you create a positive experience for every boy & girl.

Good Sportsmanship:
We strive to create a positive environement based on mutual respect rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude, and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO!

How to cross-certify as a coach from USSF to AYSO

  • Coaches that are also Referees should not referee matches within the pool that their team plays.

  • Coaches should have and must wear their Safe Haven Badges when coaching.

  • If you coach kids of the opposite sex, you must have a parent of the opposite sex at all AYSO Functions.

  • All coaches must be certified for the age they wish to coach.
    If a coach wishes to take a team to a tournament or coach a Spring Select or AYSO Flex team.

  • When a child needs to use the restroom, do not allow the child to go alone! Always have a buddy go along.
    Preferably, an adult should supervise the children leaving the group.

    Please Register via EAYSO if you wish to take a course. ContactMichael Machado to obtain approval for reimbursement for any Coach Course.
    Additional courses may be found via  
    Lookup courses and then signup.

All Coaches and asst. coaches must be registered via EAYSO and be Safe Haven Certified.

Coaches can find coaching clinic dates via eayso.

Every Coach & asst. Coach must be Safe Haven Certified. Safe Have Certification can also be taken online at

Saturday Sessions are for the (U6, U8 & U10) Field training. 
Saturday Session will include the required field training for everyone that takes the U6-U10 on-line Training. 

*Note you must take the U6-U10 on-line training and attend the field training to complete your coach certification.

This year all U6-U10 Coaches must be must be a certified for the age that they wish to coach.

Coaches that would like to take a team to a tournament or coach a Spring Select team must be certified for the age they wish to coach. All coaches are encouraged to be certified for the age they wish to coach.

Additional classes are offered by various regions and can be found by looking up courses via

Coach Resources

Coaches! Thanks again for volunteering!  We realize how much time you put into juggling your coaching duties with your work, family and other commitments.  We have created this page in the hopes that it will make your coaching job a little easier. 
Below are links to web pages and documents that are full of great coaching information and resources. 

Chino Hills AYSO Region 779 Coach Handbook

Official AYSO Coach Manuals

Below are links to the official AYSO Coach Manuals. They are the official Coach Manuals designed for coaches who have attended the age-appropriate coach certification course. That said, even if you have not attended the age-appropriate coach certification course, you are welcome and encouraged to download and read the Coach Manual for the age-division that you are coaching in.

Drills and Games

There are many resources on the web for age appropriate drills and games. 
We recommend the following resources to start with.

First, AYSO National has put a lot of great games and drills on the internet.  Below are links by age-division:

Second, our region works closely with Uk International & AYSO Soccer Camps, which gives us access to their online training for you. This is a great resource for you to find drills & skills.
Go to online UK Training Curriculumn and click online curriculmn at the bottom of the site.

How do I access the online UK Training?

This year all U6 Coaches must be must be a certified u6 coach or above to coach a U6 team.
Coaches that would like to take a team to a tournament or coach a Spring Select team must be certified
for the age they wish to coach.All coaches are encouraged to be certified for the age they wish to coach.

Question: What’s behind AYSO’s new policy of requiring all U-6 coaches to get coaching certification?

Answer: The initiative, which beginning Aug. 1, 2010, requires all coaches and assistant coaches in the U-6 division to have AYSO’s age-appropriate training and AYSO Safe Haven certification when they step on the field, is another move to ensure that every AYSO child has the best possible soccer learning experience.

The U-6 age group brings youngsters into organized sports at a tender age. How they are coached will have a major impact on whether they embrace the sport.

AYSO’s coaching courses stress an age-appropriate approach that helps coaches create a fun soccer environment and educates coaches on what to expect from players at each age level. One of the biggest problems in youth coaching is applying training methods that are too advanced for a particular age group.

The courses have been designed using extensive research in child education and the way soccer players the world over are developed, technically and tactically. We have found that coaches – whether they’re novices or have a deep background in soccer – come out of AYSO courses with more confidence, which leads to more enjoyment for them and their players.

The new coach training policy will roll forward each year, adding one additional level of required age-specific coach training until, by the 2015 membership year, every AYSO coach and assistant coach at every level will be appropriately trained for the team they will coach.

AYSO is increasing its efforts to deliver this important training in more locations and more frequently. Regions can and should look to their Area and Section Coaching staffs to secure additional support in staging this training. U-6 coaching certification can be done with an online training course that will provide full certification for a prospective coach when a live course is unavailable. To hear more from John on this topic, please click here.