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Information about Kid's Zone



Kickin' It Up In the Hills has open spots for your Team!


Access the 2013 Kickin' It Up In The Hills Tournament Info
Blink eye2013 Kickin It UP AYSO Tournament Info. Same wekend and
Great Tournament Experience April 5th, 6th & 7th 2013
The Best Pricing & Value For Your Tournament Team!

As a reminder, March 1st is the deadline to submit your tournament application!
At this time, some flights are filling up, but we do have openings in all divisions!
It's going to be another great tournament! We hope to see you and your teams.


2012 Fall Registration Information
Post Season Tournament Schedule & Standings


The City hotline is 364-2738.
If the city closes the fields,
a message will be posted here.






Dogs are not allowed on any of the fields
that we play or practice!

The School District has a "NO DOG POLICY" on any of their fields!
Dogs on school sites will jeopardize the use of the fields for our kids to play!
We depend on the School Districts for the use of their fields!

Coaches - Click Here for Coach Drills & More
ALL Coaches must have a current volunteer form via eayso.org. Every Volunteer Must:

Coach Plan
View The 2012 Coach Plan with Training

U6 Plan
U8 Plan U10 Plan U12-14 Plan U16 - U19 Plan
How do I access the online UK Training?
UK Training For Coaches Flyer
Safe Haven Training can be taken online.


If You WANT TO COACH, Please tell us by completing the Coach Interest Form.

AYSO is based on six philosophies. 
Player Development, Open Registration, Balanced Teams, 
Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching & Good Sportsmanship!

Positive Coaching:

Encouragement of player effort provides for greater enjoyment for the players
and leads to better-skilled and better motivated players.
A coach can be one of the most influential people in a child's life,
AYSO requires that you create a positive experience for every boy & girl.

Good Sportsmanship:

We strive to create a positive environement based on mutual respect rather than
a win-at-all-costs attitude and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO! All Coaches and asst coaches must be registered via EAYSO and be Safe Haven Certified.

This year all U6, U8 & U10 Coaches must be certified for the age that they wish to coach. Coaches that would like to take a team to a tournament or coach a Spring Select team must be certified for the age they wish to coach.

Coaches can find coaching clinic dates via eayso.
Contact Michael Machado coach@ayso779.com for more info on
Training coaching classes for reimbursement.


Referees Click Here for Referee Site

View The Referee Training Flyer

Every Volunteer Must:

 Zero Tolerance Policy to our "Youth Referees". Coaches are to always apply Positive Coaching and Good Sportsmanship to their coaching!

Youth referees are not mini Adults! They are kids that are volunteering so other kids can play. Youth referees tend to be players and know the rules of the game. Like adults, they too may make a mistake. If they make a mistake, you need to let it go! Coaches are not to attempt to intimidate referees. The referee calls are part of the game!

Coaches are asked to coach and play to the level of the referee. Anyone that violates this policy may be subject to suspension from the league!

Please Register via EAYSO if you wish to take a course. 

Contact Kirk Lane to obtain approval for reimbursement for any referee Course.

Online Referee Training and Referee Information
Contact Kirk Lane for questions. RefTraining


You must completethe online basic referee training and referee safe haven before attending one of the classroom sessions. 
Please bring certificate of completion for both online courses.

Referee Point System
Referee Workshops Referee Publications

Please Register via EAYSO  if you wish to take a course. 
Contact Kirk Lane  to obtain approval for reimbursement for any
referee Course.

for more Volunteer Information

AYSO is a pure volunteer organization

Without our volunteers, we would not have a program for our kids to play recreational soccer! 
Our coaches, refs and staff donate numerous hours to insure our kids play in a
"Fun, Fair, Safe & Positive Environment"! 
We need volunteers for a variety of positions. 
If you can contribute time for your child we need your help! 
Feel Free to contact our
CVPAs, to see how you can volunteer. 

To all, please remember that the refs are volunteers and we need them! 
Keep your comments positive so they continue to learn and continue to ref.
No refs = no games.

Every Volunteer Must:

  • REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER every year and write down your AYSO ID.
  • Print and sign your volunteer form. Provide signed copy with your Photo ID to your coach to verify who will give to their division coordinator or the CVPA.
  • Signon and take Online Safe Haven Training & Coach or Referee Certification
  • Email coachstaff@ayso779.com for coach questions.
  • Email ref@ayso779.com for Referee questions.

    If you are playing games at Townsend Jr. High, additional parking can be found on Duke Street which is located just south of Townsend and access to the fields can be obtained by walking through the gates to the fields.

    Please resist the temptation to park in the fire lanes as Townsend is a
    medical helivac helicopter pad. 
    In an emergency, emergency crews must be able to get into the fields. 
    Please do not park in the fire lanes or entrance to the fields.
    A life may depend on it!!!! (Citations will be issued to violators.)


Spring Guidelines
Spring Select Information



Kickin' It Up In The Hills
Blink eye2013 Kickin It UP AYSO Tournament Info.
Same wekend and Great Tournament Experience
April 4th, 5th & 6th 2013

AYSO EXTRA Information

Looking for more competitive soccer? Extra is for you.
This Fall 2012, will mark the 2nd season of our EXTRA program. To get more information read the following
AYSO Extra Info
Antoine Mcknight
can answer questions for AYSO Extra!

Chino Hills AYSO Extra Guidelines

Area 1R & 779 Extra Guidelines

AYSO EXTRA Handbook 1

AYSO EXTRA Handbook 2

AYSO EXTRA Handbook 3

AYSO Extra Team Budget


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Chino Hills AYSO would like to thank all of our sponsors
that support the youth of Chino Hills AYSO.

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